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Susan’s loneliness weighed her down. “I was depressed and lost. I have anxiety because everything around me is too stressful. When I get stressed I need to talk to someone. When I talk to Geraldine, it’s like the heavy thing in my chest is gone. I feel much better and I feel safe.”- Susan

Susan moved to Australia with her family, escaping from war. But trauma followed her. Susan has cerebral palsy and sadly, was bullied because of her disability. Even though she loved people, she became so shy she mostly kept her head down and barely spoke.

She was terribly lonely. That’s why it has meant so much to her to have the support from our Visit Program.

Only with generous people’s donations can we continue to build services like our Visit Program, sending volunteer workers out into the community. In cafes and homes across south west and eastern Sydney, they spend time with those who are lonely and struggling. Often this fortnightly visitor is the only person someone sees.

Your Christmas gift today will give support that is ‘open’ in that we are always there, arms wide, for anyone who is poor, sick, vulnerable and in need – accepting and caring for them without judgement. Thank you.

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