Helping Domestic Violence survivors to safety and independence

In the last eight weeks, five women were killed by their partners or ex-partners across NSW – a shocking statistic reminding everyone, though no reminder is required, that more actions and support are needed urgently in Australia to tackle the complex issue of domestic abuse.

At Open Support, we have been working on reducing the impact of domestic violence for 30 years, caring for women and their children escaping a violent home. We support them in various ways, not only when they need immediate help to extricate themselves, but also beyond the times of crisis. By accompanying domestic violence survivors through their journey, our aim is to empower them to live a safe and independent life.

Marianne Ibrahim, Domestic Violence programme manager at Open Support, works hand in hand with her team members, relentlessly, to achieve that goal. She talks in more details about the domestic violence programme of Open Support:

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