Open Support congratulates Elsa Skinner – who was instrumental in organising over 30 TAL volunteers to assist in our successful 2017 Christmas Myer gift wrapping program – on being awarded an OAM (Medal of the Order of Australia) in the 2018 General Division for her services to the community through charitable organisations.

Elsa (pictured) has been a volunteer with us since 2011 and has been instrumental in introducing the company she works for, TAL – Australia’s leading independent life insurance specialist – to a wide variety of ways businesses can collaborate with us on achieving our mission of addressing unmet social need.

As the Chair of TAL’s IT Community & Societal Program, SOCIALITES, Elsa has helped organise in-kind IT expertise in infrastructure compliance for Open Support; assisted with gift items and assembly of Visit Program client Christmas hampers; and, as part of the TAL Community Foundation’s corporate volunteering program, she provides volunteers to assist at our monthly Market Days.

Additionally, Elsa facilitated an internal TAL staff fundraising program in 2016 which raised over $15,000 for us.

Plus, she works in the Open Support Gift Shop one day a week.

“I know it sounds funny, but when I was a child I loved playing ‘shop’, and in the Gift Shop I get to do just that – and meet some wonderful people, too. Most importantly though, I also get to contribute to an organisation whose values I personally admire and support.”

Now, with her OAM, Elsa has been rewarded for her own ‘open’ support.

If your organisation is interested in connecting with us to facilitate programs such as those we have with Myer and TAL, please contact Open Support’s General Manager, Gary Sillett on (02) 8382 6430.