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Visit Program

Visit Program is Open Support’s no-cost, fortnightly visit service for socially isolated people living in both east and south-west Sydney. Visit Program offers one-to-one, fortnightly home visits and local outings, where appropriate, for those who are experiencing social isolation.
The program currently operates within two, separate, major population areas of Sydney. Visit Program, East – covering Sydney’s Eastern and Inner-city suburbs; Visit Program, South West – including both Liverpool and the local surrounding area, and the Campbelltown, Camden and Narellan areas, in south-west Sydney.

Visit Program originally began in 1996 and  is operated by a friendly team of fully-trained Open Support staff and volunteers, who are called visitors. The service matches clients with suitable visitors, who provide companionship and social support through both home visits and local outings, dependent upon the client’s wishes and capabilities.

Visit Program activities often include conversation, listening to music, reading, reminiscing, card and board games or other activities contingent on the capacity and preferences of the client. If appropriate, Visit Program staff and volunteer visitors may take the client for a walk or a drive during the visit. However, the service does not provide shopping or transport services, respite care or personal care services.

Know someone in need of our program? Would you like to make a referral?

Visit Program, South West: (02) 9720 8841

Visit Program, East (02) 8382 2883


Court Support

Court Support provides assistance to people attending court proceedings at three of Sydney main courts – Liverpool Court, Darlinghurst Court and the Downing Centre Local and District Court in central Sydney.
Court Support is a community-based service operated by Open Support’s friendly and helpful volunteers, who offer a welcoming and caring presence at three of Sydney’s busiest local courts.

Court Support volunteers are able to liaise with and/or direct court attendees to appropriate court officials, police and legal aid representatives should court attendees need. The service also offers light refreshments, including tea and coffee, to all members of the community who are involved in the court system at Liverpool, Darlinghurst and the Downing Centre courts.

Court Support serves people of all ages and cultural backgrounds who need to attend any of the various Sydney metropolitan courts where the service operates. This includes anyone who is attending court for a trial, a hearing or any other matter, as well as their families, friends, colleagues and, potentially, legal team members.

Court Support currently operates at the following courts on the days and times listed below:

Liverpool Court
150 George Street, Liverpool NSW 2170
Monday to Friday: 8:45am to 12.00pm

Darlinghurst Court
Taylor Square, Sydney 2010
Monday to Thursday: 9.00am to 12.15pm

Downing Centre Court
Level 4, 143-147 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000
Wednesdays: 8.30am to 12.00pm

For further information on Court Support call (02) 8382 6430 or email

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