Spotlight on our volunteer Jane Worsfold

Jane Worsfold has been a volunteer Country Care Link Driver for the past 3 years. Jane embodies the values of Open Support and she is dedicated to her voluntary work and the work she does to help others. We are so grateful to have her as part of our team.

What are your reasons for volunteering at Open Support?

I began volunteering as a driver as soon as I stopped working. Being able to accept requests that fitted in around my other responsibilities is ideal.

I think about my family and country friends and ponder how it must feel for them to have to come to Sydney, an unknown city to them, especially when their circumstances are challenging.

I particularly like to help mums with kids. It must be daunting and stressful to be in an unfamiliar place with luggage, strollers, babies and children. Their thanks and hugs show their immense gratitude for the Country Care Link service.

What is your favourite part about volunteering?

Open Support gives me another channel to my life motto, which is ‘’ “to be there for others”. Volunteers are valued and appreciated. Once, after a complicated pick up drive and drop off my elderly gentleman client shook my hand hard, welled up with tears and said “why would you do this for me?”.

I love meeting and helping people, hearing about their hometowns and life adventures. Everyone has a story to tell. Country folk are the best. They’re amazed by the traffic, buildings and crowds of the city. Once, a lady asked if we could go over the harbour bridge but was devastated when she realised we went through the middle not up and over the arches.

Have you had any interesting drives or a volunteer memory you’d like to share?

My most memorable drive happened when I picked up a beautiful older lady who had been a foster mum to over 40 country kids. She had just taken on a baby with challenges. It was an hour long drive so we chatted, and laughed and chatted some more.

On her return drive a few days later she had changed. She had received devastating health news about herself. I stopped the car under a tree. We hugged, we cried, she wasn’t going to tell her family.

At the airport I stayed with her until boarding. We had coffee, we chatted, we smiled, we cried, again, we said goodbye. She called me her “Earth Angel”.

If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Open Support by email or call 02 8382 6437

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