Time Out

Time Out

Time Out provides support for the wellbeing of carers, patients, and regular patient visitors to St Vincent’s Public and Private Hospitals in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Additionally, this no-cost service offers a separate support program for the wellbeing of homeless men and women who use St Vincent’s Private Hospital’s health care services.

Time Out is a service specifically developed by Open Support to provide support for the wellbeing of people of all ages and cultural backgrounds who find themselves in possibly stressful situations as they regularly visit, stay in, or remain for extended periods of time in either of the two, main St Vincent’s hospitals.

Time Out offers carers, visitors and patients ‘time out’ from their daily routine or situation and time for themselves. The service provides them with an opportunity to step away from their immediate situation and participate in a relaxing activity which nurtures the opportunity for some distance from their current concerns. It offers them a resource for moments of stress and anxiety that may exist in the present moment – or arise in the future. Beneficially, too, attendees meet and socialise with other carers, visitors and patients in a supportive, welcoming and reflective group space.

Led by an Open Support facilitator, Time Out sessions focus on ArtPlay and are provided at no-cost to participants.

During each hour-long session, attendees are invited to have fun as they relax, listen to soothing music in a calming and creative environment, and enjoy colouring-in – using prepared artwork sheets – or by creating their own artistic expressions. This is done through either tracing shapes or free-drawing activities.

All Time Out participants are given a complimentary pencil case, colour pencils and paper to allow them to express themselves in whatever way they wish. At the end of each session, participants are encouraged to keep any artwork they have created.

All sessions are conducted on Tuesdays from 11.00am – 12.00pm at St Vincent’s Public Hospital, Mezzanine Area, Level 4.

Time Out Sessions for 2018 are:
January – 16 and 30
February – 6 and 20
March – 6 and 20
April – 3 and 17
May – 1 and 15
June – 5 and 19
July – 10 and 24
August – 7 and 21
September – 4 and 18
October – 2, 16 and 30
November – 13 and 27
December – 4

For further information call (02) 8382 6430 or email info@opensupport.org.au

2016-17 Snapshot

  • 62 participants
  • 38 sessions
  • 129 interaction hours

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