Open Support’s Volunteer Program is responsible for the recruitment, induction, training, supervision, recognition and retainment of the organisation’s unique and dedicated 200-plus volunteer team.

Volunteers play key roles in nearly every core service and operational area across the organisation and have been a central and essential element of Open Support’s 28-year history and capability since the not-for-profit was established in 1990.

Open Support’s volunteers are a team of caring, friendly, skilled and committed people of all ages and cultural backgrounds who make an invaluable contribution to the organisation’s operations and continuing mission – by providing care and service in line with our motto: “Compassion and Action”. This unique volunteer network is very much valued and respected, and has long-been regarded as the true ‘heart’ of our organisation and the work we do in the community. In addition, all Open Support’s 200-plus volunteers are compliant with national Police and Working with Children checks.

Open Support’s Volunteer Program is part of our strategic focus on increasing operational efficiency and sustainability and volunteers remain central to our ability to deliver the services we provide to assist the vulnerable in society

2016-17 Snapshot

  • 200-plus volunteers
  • 14,924 volunteer hours = $495,638 labour-in-kind
  • 55% of volunteers have been with us for more than 5 years
  • 30% of volunteers have served for 10 years or more
  • 100% volunteers compliant with Police and Working with Children Checks

Volunteering contributes to personal satisfaction and improves physical and mental health. By learning and developing new skills, people gain satisfaction and a sense of achievement and have the opportunity to pursue new interests – putting current skills, knowledge and experience to the benefit of those in need in the community.
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Open Support aims to make the volunteering experience an enjoyable and enriching one and is committed to the professional training of all our volunteers.
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Volunteers have been a vital and integral part of our organisation since its inception in 1990 and they remain central to our ability to deliver the services we provide to assist the vulnerable in society.
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