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Community support plays an active and critical role in Open Support’s ability to deliver the various much-needed services we do.

With a long history of active participation by volunteers, our 200-plus volunteers, together with our generous donors, benefactors and corporate and government supporters, are vital to our ability to continue to address unmet social need within the community.


Open Support’s Volunteer Program is responsible for the recruitment, induction, training, supervision, recognition and retainment of the organisation’s unique and dedicated 200-plus volunteer team.
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Volunteering contributes to personal satisfaction and improves physical and mental health. By learning and developing new skills people gain satisfaction and a sense of achievement and have the opportunity to pursue new interests – putting current skills, knowledge and experience to the benefit of those in need in the community.
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Open Support’s Volunteer Program is part of our strategic focus on Increasing operational efficiency and sustainability.
Volunteers have been a vital and integral part of this organisation since its inception in 1990 and they remain central to our ability to deliver the services we provide to assist the vulnerable in society.
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Individuals, couples and families have a number of donation options – monthly, annually or one-off donations – to support our vital work in the community. Your donation will go directly to one or more of our various core services and operational areas.How to Donate to Open Support Today
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Open Support welcomes the support of individuals, community groups and schools who wish to hold a stall, function or event to raise funds to assist us.
Our Community Fundraising Booklet includes activity suggestions, as well as guidelines that ensure community fundraising events and activities meet legislative requirements and, importantly, result in a positive experience for organisers and supporters of such events.
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Open Support enjoys and appreciates forming mutually-beneficial relationships with corporate and government supporters.
Businesses, local councils, foundations and government departments provide a variety of support through assistance, gifts-in-kind, grant funding, sponsorship and project collaboration.
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Open Support’s Gift Shop plays an important role in supporting the organisation’s various services and operational areas through funds raised from the proceeds of customer purchases.
The Gift Shop also operates a range of additional customer-focussed activities – including Market Days, Raffles, Sales and Pop-up Shops – throughout the year to raise further funds to support the organisation’s continuing mission of addressing unmet need in the community.
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