1 in 4
women have experienced domestic abuse from a partner

domestic abuse perpetrators who killed their partners used coercive control in the relationship

woman is killed each week in Australia

We Help Domestic Abuse Survivors Beyond Crisis

When Domestic and Family Abuse survivors have to flee their home, it is extremely important they receive supported crisis accommodation in a timely manner. The systems to assist with immigration, housing and income are quite complex and hard to navigate if you have not ever had to use them, so the need for assistance from skilled specialist workers is essential. A home is one place where anyone should feel safe, respected and comfortable. Free from abuse and fear.

Open Support recognises this need and is proud to provide integrated support. We stay with the families for the duration of their needs. This includes crisis accommodation and wrap around support that spans from crisis through transition and outreach, dependent on individual client needs. We endeavour to ensure appropriate opportunities for recovery and create a safe haven for domestic and family abuse survivors. Using a holistic approach, we work with vulnerable families to assist their transition from surviving day to day, to a thriving member of the community. A key focus of ours is those from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, who face additional barriers and complexities.

How Does Our Program Work?

Each case takes on average 84 days in crisis, this is to assist with education around domestic abuse, rebuilding confidence, securing accommodation, compensation/income as well as attending court proceedings to recover belongings and to ensure they are safe to enter community.  Once they are in private rentals, we continue to work with the families for approximately 18 months in our transitional care program. 

During this time, we work on immigration, court matters (usually child custody arrangements) and division of property if needed. We work to rebuild confidence and improve decision making in our clients, once we feel our clients have a solid foundation and can thrive into the future, our job is done. Our door is always open to our clients should they need us. 

Our Impact

people were supported by us in 2023

(38 women and 55 children)

Only 1 woman returned to their perpetrator in 2023

the number of families will be supported in our new crisis accommodation service

Need Help?

If you are experiencing any form of domestic and family violence or abuse and need support, contact DV Line on 1800 65 64 63 (NSW Residents), who can refer you to our program or another service depending on your needs. If you are anywhere else in Australia, call 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732 for further information and support.

If you are in immediate danger or know someone who is, call the police on 000.

Be Part of the Solution

You have the power to help. With your support, we can pursue our endeavour to change the horrifying statistics caused by domestic and family abuse. By donating to Open Support, you give more families a way out of domestic abuse, a way towards safety, empowerment and independence. 

Thank you so much to the Paul Ramsay Foundation for the support of our domestic and family abuse program.