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Thirty years of Compassion in Action

Thirty years ago, our organisation was established with a bold mission: go where no else goes, be with those too often overlooked, reach out to the margins – wherever there are unmet needs. Since then, our commitment to this mission has not wavered.

Over three decades, we have been caring for the vulnerable in our community, by taking away some of their worries, by lending a listening ear, by offering human connection – by being there for them, without judgement.


In these challenging times, our services are needed more than ever. In response to the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, Open Support continues to provide critical support to those vulnerable in our community, while taking a number of actions to ensure the safety and continued wellbeing of our clients, our volunteers and staff. This includes the suspension of all volunteer activity and the adjustment of the way we deliver our key programmes. 

Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Hands – Open Support

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Domestic violence victims: not just a statistic

Imagine that feeling where you’ve found yourself stuck behind a locked door. Now imagine that feeling of being trapped constantly weighing on you – every hour of every day. This feeling is what countless women experience in an abusive relationship. There may or may not be a locked door, yet either way they are trapped […]

Take five minutes to create a close-knit community

We all know that mental health is a growing concern in our community – so is social isolation. In fact, the two are very often linked. We, humans, are social beings that do not fare well when isolated. We need human connection. One of the best ways to manage anxiety or feelings of loneliness is […]

“We solve all the world’s problems in an hour” – Meet Visit Program’s Patricia

It’s no secret feeling socially isolated this year has been a challenge. With so many restrictions and so much limited contact with loved ones, being lonely in 2020 has never felt more overwhelming. But what about those of us who were socially isolated even before COVID-19? Open Support has been running a Visit Program for […]

Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Hands – Open Support

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