Who We Are

Empowering members of our community is at the heart of who we are. Our not-for-profit organisation offers social connections, safety and assistance throughout our community for those who are in intense need yet struggle to find assistance. We take compassion into action.

You are an Important Part of the Community


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1 in 4
women and children in Australia experience Domestic and Family Violence

of Australians experience loneliness

increase in disease burden rate in remote areas compared to major cities

Our Programs

Domestic Violence

We assist women and their children who are experiencing domestic and family violence by providing safe accommodation and specialised support. At Open Support, we work to renew their trust that their future can be a happy and empowered one.

Social Isolation

The Community Connections Program is a no cost program which provides social support to individuals who are experiencing loneliness and isolation in our communities

Country Care Link

We reduce barriers to accessing healthcare services for people who live in regional NSW with free transportation across Greater Sydney.

Corporate Education Programs

Domestic & Family Violence

Our Open Support Domestic Violence (DFV) Education Program for Corporates is delivered by our sector experts and aims to educate and inform employees and organisations on issues relating to DFV. Sessions will cover topics such as:

1) Common myths and misconceptions. 2) Recognising red flags for an abusive relationship and will provide employees with information on the pathways of support available. 3) Sharing a colleague or loved one’s experience with domestic and family violence.

Open Support offers ongoing guidance to participating Corporate Organization HR Departments in assisting them to appropriately support employees experiencing domestic violence. Every person deserves to live an empowered life. A life free from fear.

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Social Isolation & Loneliness

Our Open Support Social Isolation Education Program for Corporates is delivered by our sector experts and aims to educate and inform employees and organisations on issues relating to social isolation and loneliness. Sessions will cover topics such as:

1) What is loneliness? 2) The stigma around loneliness and how it is actually affecting a significant proportion of the population across Australia. 3)  The devastating effect loneliness can have on your health, both mental and physical, and how it affects your ability to succeed in the workplace. 4) That loneliness does not discriminate and can affect every type of person, across every socio-economic sector. 5) How to address and heal loneliness. Next steps to a positive and connected future.

Build lasting and meaningful connection with the community you choose.

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How You Can Help

The support we provide to the members of our community relies on people like you. There is a number of ways you can get involved and enable Open Support to reach and care for more people in need.

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