Raise Vital Funds to Change Lives

Want to make a difference by supporting the work of Open Support? Why not create your own fundraising event. Running an event at your school, work or amongst friends is a great way to help raise funds to support Open Support.

Four women from SHOSJ at fundraising event for Open Support

The best fundraising activities are the ones you feel excited about. Here are a few examples of fundraising activities that you can organise:

Hands knitting colourful hat as fundraising activity for Open Support

Your Event

A literary lunch, a knitting session, a high tea, a sports challenge, or something else entirely!

Five people standing in beautiful room celebrating anniversary

In Celebration

For a birthday or an anniversary, ask for donations to Open Support in lieu of gifts

In Memory

To honour the memory of a loved one in a special way

Get in Touch

Let us know what you are doing and we will give an authority to fundraise and send you our community fundraising kit – info@opensupport.org.au or call (02) 8382 6430.