Open Support is a Sydney-based charity committed to acting and caring for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Open Support is committed to providing unwavering support addressing some of the most profound and urgent needs in our communities that can impact any of us. We offer services to women and children escaping domestic and family abuse, people experiencing social isolation and loneliness and we provide access to health care for people living in regional NSW. Every day, we stand with and aid domestic abuse survivors. Every day, we help individuals struggling with isolation and loneliness. Every day, we help make it easier for people to reach their health appointments when they are already feeling stressed and anxious. 

                                                              From fear and loneliness to empowerment and independence!

Our organisation was founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1990, then called ‘Sisters of Charity Outreach’, as the community service hub of St Vincent’s Clinic. It was born with a mission to reach out to the marginalised, those too often overlooked. Since then, we have devoted all our energy and our work to taking this compassionate mission into action.

We brave social barriers to support those most in need – and help change lives.

Our History

The story of Open Support is intertwined with that of St Vincent’s Clinic. Originally called ‘Sisters of Charity Outreach’, it was established by the Sisters as part of the Clinic with a bold mission: to go where others will not go ; to be with those too often overlooked ; to reach out to those who need us the most.

Our Committee

Open Support is a charity of St Vincent’s Clinic. The Open Support Committee reports to the St Vincent’s Clinic Board. The Open Support team reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Clinic.

Daniel Choo

Robert Farrell

Simon Calleia

Katie Viviers (CEO)

Erica Schuman

John Willis

Rosemary Young AM

Mary Dack

Mona Karam

Our Programs

Domestic & Family Abuse

We assist women and children who are experiencing domestic and family abuse by providing safe accommodation and specialised support. At Open Support we work to renew their trust that their futures can be happy and empowered.

Social Isolation & Loneliness

The Community Connections Program is a free program which provides social support to people who are experiencing social isolation and loneliness in our communities.

Country Care Link

We reduce barriers to healthcare for people in regional NSW by providing free transport services to health appointments in Greater Sydney.

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