A Pledge to Support Those Most in Need

By including Open Support in your will, you can ensure your compassion lives on through our actions for future generations in need.

As the unmet needs of our society shift, our essential programs evolve too, so we can keep supporting individuals and families facing complex yet overlooked challenges.

With a future bequest to Open Support, you give the gift of compassion to those who need it the most for years to come – and leave a long-lasting impact on their lives.

Open Support advocate in church with quote about gift in will to Open Support

If you would like to leave a legacy and support our services into the future through a bequest to Open Support, find more information:

This brochure will give you an overview about our organisation and the next steps to leave a lasting gift to Open Support.

Should you choose to include Open Support in your will, we sincerely thank you for your generosity and compassion. This document will give you our recommended wording for your will.

We Will Speak With You

To discuss your bequest or ask for more information, please contact our team – info@opensupport.org.au or call (02) 8382 6430 and we will contact you in the strictest confidence.