The Support We Provide to the Vulnerable Members of Our Community Relies on People Like You

By getting involved, you enable Open Support to reach and care for more people in need – be it domestic violence survivors, individuals struggling with exclusion and isolation, or country people who face barriers to accessing healthcare.

With a single or regular donation, you give our team the means to continue caring for those with intense needs but scarce support. Your generosity will help us reach further out to the margins and offer the most vulnerable a chance for a brighter future. [Learn More]

You can help us build a close-knit community by purchasing beautiful, unique products knitted by our friends at Sovereign Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem (SHOSJ), Country Knitting Group and the Unique Hug Knitting group. Proceeds go towards supporting vulnerable members of our community, so you know you will shop for a good cause. [Learn More]

‘In unity there is strength’ the motto says. What better way to forge a bond amongst your circle than create impact together? Enlist your community group, your school or your friends to organise fundraising activities that will help us change lives. [Learn More]

Donating your time to Open Support is a one-of-a-kind experience. As part of our team of nearly 200 volunteers, you will play an important role in helping the vulnerable in our community through various activities. [Learn More]

Including Open Support in your will is one of the most powerful ways for your values and compassion to live on. It will affect the lives of those that society often forgets – well into the future. [Learn More]

Teaming up with Open Support means forming a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Whether you are part of a business, local council, foundation or government department, you can provide a variety of support through gifts-in-kind, grant funding, sponsorship, workplace giving and project collaboration opportunities. [Learn More]