Our Domestic and Family Abuse Program received a very welcome grant from the Department of Communities and Justice to fund an in-house trauma counsellor specialising in sexual assault and domestic violence. The counsellor offers sessions at our crisis accommodation one day per week.

We are witnessing amazing results for the women who eagerly anticipate their weekly sessions with the counsellor. There has not been a single client who has declined the invitation to speak with her and each has fed back she is helping them on their journey to healing.

Person receiving trauma counselling

“Our clients come to us with so much trauma, fear and uncertainty,” said Program Manager Karen. “They come away from the sessions, even after the first one, more confident and happier. They feel a sense of relief.”

One client described it best after her session when she said, ” Going in I had a stone in my heart, but coming out that stone is gone.”

Having a dedicated in-house trauma counsellor come to us means that the women do not have to travel. They can go to the session knowing their children are close by and if their child is asleep, they can use the baby monitor and not disturb the baby. If the child is awake – our Open Support team will look after them, so the session remains focused and relaxed. Feedback has been 100% positive.