You can buy gorgeous Mother’s Day gifts at our Open Support Gift Shop. The Gift Shop sells a variety of lovely gifts including cotton night dresses, cosy scarves, fine bone china and beautiful artisanal hand knitted items. Gina Pizanis, our Gift Shop Coordinator, is assisted by the most wonderful and dedicated Open Support shop volunteers. If you are ever in St Vincent’s Clinic, please come past and say hello to the volunteers, they always enjoy a good chat!

The shop is in the Foyer of St Vincent’s Clinic in Victoria Street. Hours of operation are Monday 10am till 2pm and Tuesday to Friday 9am till 3pm. 

The clinic foyer is also home to the Open Support raffle which is also run by volunteers between 9.30am and 2.30pm.  There are fabulous prizes to be won and tickets are only $2 each. 

All proceeds go to support our Open Support programs and services. Thank you!