of Australians experience loneliness

of Australia’s health expenditure each year goes on loneliness related ill health

Premature death, poor physical and mental health, and general dissatisfaction with life has been linked to loneliness

Community Connections Program

The Community Connections Program is a no cost program which provides social support to individuals who are experiencing loneliness and isolation in our communities.

Individuals are supported to establish and maintain meaningful social connections with community, leading to reduced social isolation and increased wellbeing.

Areas of Support

We offer a social bridge to individuals who are isolated and lonely, helping them re-connect with their community and weave lasting relationships. Over time, our team of specialist skilled staff and trained volunteers support each individual to regain a sense of trust, social confidence and autonomy through;

  • Individualised case planning and social navigation
  • Direct opportunities for connection through 1:1 social support
  • Assistance to build social capacity and confidence
  • Supportive and fun group events
  • Phone and video support

You are an Important Part of the Community

Our Approach

hours of direct support in 2021

Supporting people of all ages

current phone-based volunteers

of our clients in South West Sydney and 55% in the East

Corporate Education Program

Social Isolation & Loneliness

Our Open Support Social Isolation Education Program for Corporates is delivered by our sector experts and aims to educate and inform employees and organisations on issues relating to social isolation and loneliness. Sessions will cover topics such as:

1) What is loneliness? 2) The stigma around loneliness and how it is actually affecting a significant proportion of the population across Australia. 3)  The devastating effect loneliness can have on your health, both mental and physical, and how it affects your ability to succeed in the workplace. 4) That loneliness does not discriminate and can affect every type of person, across every socio-economic sector. 5) How to address and heal loneliness. Next steps to a positive and connected future.

Build lasting and meaningful connection with the community you choose.

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Establish meaningful social connections

If you struggle with the weight of loneliness and would like to join our Sydney-based program, or if you know someone affected by social isolation, please contact us

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Empower us to positively impact more lives

The loneliness epidemic is on the rise. We are stepping up to the challenge and with your help, we can meet the increasing need for support and weave more connections in the community. Your donation will enable our team of specialists to expand the social isolation program and reach more people in need


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