We Look After Those Too Often Overlooked

For more than 30 years, we have been committed to caring for individuals and families deeply affected by challenging issues yet critically under-supported.
Today our programs offer assistance and relief to domestic and family abuse survivors, to individuals facing social isolation and loneliness, and to people in regional NSW who need improved access to healthcare.

We have assisted more than 2,000 families escaping an abusive home by offering safe accommodation and specialised support. We have specialist expertise in assisting women and their children from CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) communities, who struggle with complex obstacles to safety due to their cultural backgrounds and visa limitations. We help them from crisis to recovery, from surviving to thriving. [Learn More]

Community Connections Program

We offer a social bridge to individuals who are isolated and lonely through a trusted relationship and assistance in weaving connections with the community. To date we have helped reduce the burden of social isolation with over 50,000 home visits and countless phone calls. We provide personalised programs to rebuild social confidence, and opportunities to connect. [Learn More]

We reduce barriers to accessing healthcare services for people who live in regional NSW with free transportation across Greater Sydney. With more than 1,500 trips every year, we enable country people to attend their medical appointment or receive specialised care in Sydney without the added hassle and stress of navigating the city. [Learn More]

You Have the Power To Help

Stand with us to ensure our programs carry on helping those most in need. Whether you support us with a donation, a bit of your time, a pledge, a partnership or another form of contribution, you will empower us to reach and care for more people in the community.