The need for our domestic and family abuse crisis accommodation and services is urgent

By donating you can help provide a family freedom from fear and abuse, giving hope and healing to those who need it most. Your contribution will fund people escaping domestic abuse ensuring that our doors remain open to people seeking refuge and support.

Katie Viviers – CEO, Open Support, St Vincents’ Clinic

Luisa*, had been in a marriage where severe physical, emotional and sexual violence was the norm. She finally managed to escape and came to Open Support with her two daughters who were also extremely traumatised by witnessing their mother’s abuse.  

We were able to provide Luisa with the specialised counselling she needed, and she began to feel lighter. Her daughters have been supported by a child psychologist and they told Mum they feel so much better. Luisa says they are happier and more settled. 

We have also assisted Luisa with: 

  • Immigration,  
  • Income,  
  • Educational opportunities for the children and Luisa,  
  • Family Court mediation for child visitation,  
  • Domestic violence education, and support groups, 
  • Help to find private accommodation. 

Luisa finally sees a bright future for her children.

Help us provide domestic violence services where the need is greatest! 

Thank you, your support is invaluable.

*Not her real name – we protect client confidentiality at all times